What is in the solution that causes the skin to turn brown?
The main ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) a naturally occurring fruit sugar which reacts with the amino acids in the top couple of layers of your skin to turn it brown. DHA has been used for over 40 years and has obtained FDA approval.
How should I prepare for my tanning session?
You should exfoliate, shave and moisturize the day before your session.  Make-up can be removed just prior to tanning.

What do I wear for the tanning process?
As much or as little as you're comfortable with. It just depends on if you want tan lines or not. Full body sprays can be done in shorts and a tube top, bathing suit, disposable undergarments, breast paste-ons or nude. However, men must wear some form of undergarment such as a bathing suit or shorts.  A shower cap for hair will be provided to you.

What should I wear after I tan?
Something dark,  loose and comfortable. Nothing tight and nothing white and no shorts for 8 hours after tanning. Clothing does not harm the tan, it protects it. We strongly suggest you wear something dark in color after tanning as some solution will sit on the fine hairs that we all have on our body and rub off onto the clothing. Once you have showered the residue will rinse off and should no longer transfer onto clothing.

What if I'm getting a mani/pedi or waxing?
It's best to have these done before your tanning session, OR the day after (once you've showered). Any waxing MUST be done at least a day before your tanning session. If it is absolutely necessary to have your mani/pedi after your spray tan, please instruct your technician to just color the nails and not rub or massage the area. Otherwise, they may discolor your tan on your legs, arms, hands and feet.

How long before I can shower or workout?
No showering or doing any activity that will cause you to sweat for 10 hours after tanning.

What if I receive my spray tan at night?
If you are tanning in the evening, you don't  have to get up in the middle of the night to rinse off. The solution can be left on until the next morning. Many people choose to wait until the next morning to rinse any way. The longer you wait, the darker your tan will get, and the longer it will last. Delaying your rinse will allow the DHA sufficient time to react with the amino acids (proteins) in your skin.

How long will my tan last?
Your tan should last 7- 10 days with proper moisturizing. Sunless spray tanning is not an exact science. Each individual's body chemistry is different, and results will vary based on the individual skin type and pH balance. Airbrush Tanning Parties uses solutions formulated to provide a color that will appeal to the majority of customers.

What is the best way to maintain and extend the life of my tan?
To get the best results for your tan, we suggest using a tan extending lotion. Tan extenders are specifically formulated for spray tanning. They will draw the tan deeper into your skin, hence prolonging and building your color. If you choose not to use a tan extenders, it's ok to use a quality moisturizer as often as you can.


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